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Apple is preparing a secret cocktail tablet?

For a company generates waves in the market and is known for its line of innovative products like the iPhone has made famous to offer MacBook Air and increased competition on the front of the planet, and a new direction in the form of compressed most likely to be an issue, debate hot. So it is not only a threat to the pragmatic Biggies like Microsoft, HP, but also throw in a big competition to other manufacturers such as Intel, Nvidia, according to all, which would put Apple on its products. The buzz is mature and germinated from suppliers in China. However, recent updates have cemented the rumors and the reference to the introduction of an Apple tablet coming soon. The latest report, Apple will be a final draft ready in September, and the device would be announced early November. It is assumed that the Apple Tablet PC will cost around a huge $ 699 to $ 799 To meet the high price to justify 10A? Device would be able to play, including high definition video. The source mentions that the quality of the device is the video is better than the average movie experience. “The device can also be a great iPod Touch with a screen size of 10 inches is similar, it lacks a keyboard, packs USB, FireWire and runs on Mac OS X with a variety of multimedia goodies. An Apple Tablet could be a multimedia device, the company has now unit does not know the details, or even the size of the screen, the future. But it is unclear how this gadget will differ compatible multimedia product line Apple such as the iPhone and iPod Touch. Keep the company moves to be considered in the past, analysts are betting that Apple tablet device will be centered media and undermine the publishing industry. Already, Apple is ready beating the Amazon and other e-book-makers an essential weapon that is iTunes. With over 6 billion songs, which is reflected in the iTunes Store is the music industry on its head. More to be more than 1. 5 billion download from the App Store, Apple has yet to downloads e-book market and write books to give as simple as music. Last month he There was a rumor that the Apple tablet with a secret project code name cocktail of software, said the order to start development are associated with major music labels and as “a new form of interactive CD “be called. The new project will combine photos, lyrics sheets, video clips and notes, all gathered in one interactive booklet. The next question is, what is striking about the operating system for Apple Tablet? Will Apple netbook comes with an iteration of its Mac OSX or is out of many of the existing one? The processor is also a problem with an Apple tablet. According to some reports, it has approved several processors for its atomic shelf. In addition, the name of the Apple tablet is interesting to know if it iPad Mini or MacBook, but will be designed by the company. At the end of it can be concluded that Apple Tablet 10a is it? Having a music device centric competitor to Amazon E-book reader can and comparable speed and performance.

http://www. itvoir. com/portal/
http://www. itvoir. com/portal/boxx/knowledgebase. asp?iid=1566&Cat=23

With the speculation surrounding the Apple Tablet or Netbook, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some Apple concept products. None of these are real (yet) but aren’t they great? Which one would you like? Some of you may know me as barnesnet, well here is my new channel that I will be posting my future mac related videos to. If you subscribed to barnesnet then you may want to subscribe here also. Expect videos on the new snow leopard when I get it. My new twitter: …

iSlate/Apple Tablet and Google Tablet

This is just a video on the upcoming Apple Tablet/iSlate, and the rumored Google Tablet. It reviews the rumored specs, release dates, and names. Follow us on twitter! Check out our website for more great technology related things, from news to reviews, tutorials to suggested downloads, we have it. We do not own or claim to own any of the products featured in this video.

Apple Tablet PC

It has been rumored now for more than three years that the concept of an Apple tablet-style laptop is something that many of us computer geeks and complete newbies to computers have dreamed of. There have been periods of both anticipation and frustration that have gone hand-in-hand with each rumor of an impending release of a MacOS based portable computing solution that has the ease of use and the power of an Apple but also has the ultra-portability of a computer. It seems that people get their hopes up only to have them dashed again by “it’s not quite ready for the market”. Why such a long wait? Many have become completely exasperated as they have long wished for the first Apple tablet laptop.

The Modbook from Axiotron has now made its debut. This is the day that so many of us have been waiting for! We have been waiting for this tablet computer for the last three years and it is truly something to shout about!!!!

The Modbook is not an “official” Macintosh computer. Axoiotron manufactures this computer and runs MacOS X. As of right now, it is the only game around for a tablet computer operating on the MacOS platform. This tablet computer is gaining great popularity among students, designers and anyone who is looking for the lightness and portability of a tablet PC and the Apple suite of programs for creative endeavors.

A 13.5″ screen is one of the features of the Modbook as well as a stylus from Wacom which is powered by Apple’s Inkwell software. This tool has amazing handwriting recognition which does much better than its Microsoft based competition. When tested, the most illegible handwriting was able to be recognized and translated into readable text on screen. This is an amazing feat particularly when this is a relatively early stage as far as the history of handwriting recognition goes. Inkwell is a very advanced system; it will be fascinating to see where Apple takes this functionality in the future.

The Modbook does not have true touch screen functionality. The interaction with the screen must be done by using the Wacom stylus. This stylus performs to its greatest capacity and can even be used with such things as Photoshop and Corel Painter. The usefulness of the Modbook appeals to its target audience. Note taking and drawing can be done directly on the screen.

Now we come to the part that many of you geeks want to know – specifications. The Modbook runs Mac OSX v 10.5 (leopard). It comes with a 2.1 Ghz processor, there is 1 GB of memory onboard and it has all of the standard set of connectivity options that you would expect from a MacIntosh computer: Ethernet, FireWire, Airport and USB.One cool thing that is integrated into the Modbook is GPS so you never have to get lost on your way to a meeting again! You can find your way around anywhere all at the touch of a screen!

A standard feature that comes with the Modbook is an iSight camera. Many people will be thrilled with this feature particularly artists who do double duty as geeks. For the rest of us, it is simply a nice toy to have.

There is an exceptional design to the Modbook. This computer is not manufactured by Apple but it does this company a great deal of justice. Axiotron has really outdone itself! A beautiful chrome finish tops a double layer of nickel and copper plating. A casing is made of magnesium alloy that is similar to what is used in aircraft. This portable computer is durable and is made to last. There is a satin finish, but within the next couple of months mirror finished chrome will be available. This will satisfy the need of those who need to have a shiny computer.

The durability factor extends far beyond the casing. The iSight camera and the screen are protected by Axiotron’s ForceGlass that makes it scratch resistant as well as more durable. This scores exceptional points when you compare it to the plastic covered LCD screens that you usually find in portable computing. The cover and screen are also exceptionally clear and bright. It is like one that rivals no other! This is due to an anti-reflective coating on the underside of the screen and an acid treatment on the outer side that reduces “sparkle” and glare effects. This feature is especially appreciated by those who regularly use laptops.

Also included is a full-featured optical drive which supports CD writing and DVD-ROM. This is upgradeable to a DVD-ROM/CD-R drive. This is not typical for a tablet computer. Therefore, the Modbook is a fine choice for entertainment as well as for creativity and work.

The Modbook has been a long time coming but is so worth the wait! It offers the portability of a tablet PC and the stability and performance of a Mac. Apple lovers can now rejoice! Calling all animators, artists and Photoshop nerds – your tablet is now here! The Modbook is highly recommended for all people who seek a tablet that can offer exceptional handwriting recognition and access to the creative software of the Mac platform. All of this comes in one sleek and attractive package.

So, now do the smart thing and get the Modbook Mac Tablet. It is a modified Apple Macbook that does have a touchscreen but it has no keyboard. It is also equipped with WiFi. This tablet looks very slick but, as of yet, no price has been announced. It is likely to be very expensive. Does that really matter? Give it a try!

Richard Trincellito – Apple Tablet Talk

On Friday we had Jason Schwartz, an options strategist long on Apple (AAPL), explaining in Seeking Alpha Why Apple’s  iTouch Tablet Will Become Its Flagship Product.

On Monday we heard from Michael Scalisi, an IT manager writing in PC World, that the Rumored Apple Tablet Is a Train Wreck.

If the first hurdle of a successful Apple product is to capture the imagination of the chattering classes, this one is half-way there.

Of course, we don’t really know what the product is, what it looks like or when, if ever, it will be released. But that hasn’t stopped the trade press from weighing in – and quickly taking sides.

In this context, the most useful thing I’ve read lately is Harry McCracken’s PAQ – for Possibly Answered Questions, a kind of pre-emptive FAQ – in Monday’s Technologizer.

McCracken sorts through the myriad details that have been bruited about in nearly two years of press speculation (and, reportedly, four years of product development under Steve Jobs’ watchful eye) and draws a plausible picture of the rumored device and what it might be good for.

Among the tablet’s salient features, as McCracken sees it:

* Size: A 9.7-inch screen with something like 1024-by-600 pixels (the iPhone, by comparison, has a 3.5-inch screen and 480-by-320 pixels.
* Operating System: A version of the iPhone OS that supports a larger screen and special tablet features.
* Interface: Like the iPhone’s, it will be optimized for Web surfing, music, movies, very light e-mail, and other applications that don’t involve much data entry.
* Applications: From the 65,000 available on the App Store.
* Connectivity: Wi-Fi for sure. Bluetooth almost certainly. The big unknown: will it have cellular broadband?
* Other features: A front-mounted camera for video chatting. Perhaps GPS for navigation. Maybe an SD slot for importing photos. No Firewire or USB, says McCracken, although we don’t see why not.
* Cost: More than a netbook ($500 at the cheapest) and less than a MacBook ($999), unless subsidized by a cellular carrier. (In which case the monthly bills will push cost into the thousands of dollars over the life of a contract.)
* Availability: AppleInsider is pretty sure it’s early next year. The Financial Times is even more certain it’s September of this year. As McCracken points out, they can’t both be right.

Apple has on order a large number of 10 inch LCDs. They just brokered a deal for a large amount of flash memory. They have handwriting recognition from the Newton days and on Mac OS X at times… They have voice recognition from quite some time ago as well. The voice recognition of the current iPhone is pretty decent. Stir it all in a blender and I’d say a 1024×600 or maybe 1200×800 or higher. The iPhone is 160 pixels per inch and they likely want similar resolution for product differentiation and compatibility with iPhone perception of sizes of objects.

I’d guess a fixed battery. And lifespan of 20 hours use are goals. Maybe 16 hours on time. Lots more room for the battery and the processor is the same power consumption.

Of course it could be a novel technology display blending e-ink and LCD or OLED to save power.

Apple Table PC Excitement

Apple Tablet PC

Although I still think that Apple will be the first to surprise us with a laptop or TabletMac making use of the iPhone’s multitouch technology, other manufacturers are on the lookout to enter another market that some look forward to. HP for example has announced that in about 18 months are planning to market a laptop that makes use of multitouch technology that is now in the Apple iPhone. It will be the beginning of the implementation of this technology across its entire range of computer equipment to carry and other products. Bends that the company already has something similar with its range Touchmart HP, but on desktops.

The reason given Phil McKinney, HP to believe in the success of these devices we share fully and has much to do with user experience which both talk lately: touch technology is the ideal or less traumatic for those users who do not technicians but users are playing for the first time a gadget. It seems a sensible strategy if we consider that consumer electronics is now well established among many young and active users of the same, but there is a large market of customers if they know they do not want to complicate your life with pots and want simplicity. Just what we talked about the Amazon Kindle.

Reason not missing from HP, as it is expected that by the year 2013 will double the number of computers with touch screens, which now are present in handheld devices, monitors and desktop computers, but not active on laptops.

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