What’s new to the tech savvy world? The Apple Tablet PC, that’s what it is. “The Apple magic is great technology and great marketing. We’ve seen it with the iPod, the iPhone and, before that, the Mac. That’s why this is so exciting. They’ve been working on this for the past six years. People expect it to be the ultimate Apple surprise. This thing will knock people’s socks off,” Leander Kahney, author of The Cult of the Mac said.
Some are saying 2010 will be the year of the Apple Tablet PC. In fact, people started contacting the company to be placed on a waiting list for the iSlate’s release as far back as October of 2009, as the company is expecting to sell $2 million Apple Tablet PCs this year, the waiting list might be a good option for someone who really wants their hands on the islate tablet now!
iSlate’s sleek look is that of the ever popular iphone, just bigger. No surprise here. Over the years, Apple has been very successful at creating a unique look for their products. The Apple Tablet PC isn’t the device’s official name, just what’s it’s been called because it resembles a tablet. So what exactly does the Apple Tablet PC do? It’s a tablet—you write on it with a pen, like you would an ordinary writing tablet. It’s a computer, the Apple Tablet PC allows you to check your email or surf the web and it has a variety of other features, such as a gaming application
And to some the Apple Tablet PC is a Kindle-killer! In fairness, this might be an appropriate name for the iSlate Think about it. You can read your favorite magazines or newspapers wherever you are, and you can do it from the same device you’re checking your email and taking notes on. This convenience must have some effect not only on Kindle sells, but what’s left of the paper press world. To date the Kindle has sold about 300,000 units not much competition for the Apple Tablet PC expecting to yield a sales result of 2 million this year alone, a reasonable estimate considering the quantity of sales for iPods or iPhones.
While market price has never been one of Apple’s strong suits, the islate is expected to sell at about $600, placing it just between the iPhone and a Macbook on the price spectrum, making it easy to reach that sales estimate of 2 million this year. However, even if this cool new gadget debuts priced a bit higher than that it’s still expected to do well. After all, the Apple name is worth something, not to mention that all important loyal fan base.
To the consumer, Apple Tablet PC is a streamline product making it possible for you to do many of the things you need to from one piece of equipment. To some corporations, the iSlate tablet pc is an enemy, making it unnecessary for you shell out cash on several different electronic devices, when one is really sufficient. To Apple it has to be this year’s cash crop! Priced moderately as $600 per Apple Tablet PC, current sales estimates see apple tablet pc bringing in a whopping $1.2 billion for the company this year.