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Official ipad release date

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Apple expects to ship 10 million of its upcoming iPad tablet in the next year, according to Kevin Rose. We check in with Kevin’s poll: without seeing it, would you order the Apple Tablet today? You’d be surprised with the results. . . check it out! Would this replace your current laptop? There is a major difference with laptops and tables, including the Kindle – laptops are active screens (that = effing up your eyes) while the Kindle, and other tablets, are passive e-papers (that = love for your eyes). Also, hear Kevin’s ideas on the social aspect of the Kindle.

There were many rumors the last half year about a tablet PC apple was going to announce. Like before at almost every big Apple release or announcement like a new iPod or the iPhone, the internet was flooded by “top secret” information about features and reports on Apples purchases of component parts etc. The new product has been hyped long before its release. And at the day of the official announcement Apple always matched the high expectation, except this time.

When Steve Jobs presented their new baby, the iPad, everyone waited for the unexpected feature Jobs would name soon. But there was no super stunning feature. Though the iPad seemed cool, it was not the revolutionary tablet PC everybody was waiting for.

One of the reasons for this is, that the OS of the tablet will be a pimped iPhone OS, not a adjusted version of Mac OS Snow Leopard as hoped by many potential customers. The iPad seems to be just a really big iPhone or iPod touch. Another critic point is that Apples new mini computer won’t support Flash. Apple don’t like to support Flash, because they think it’s an outdated format and caused many errors on the OS. Especially with the slowly upcoming HTML 5 which is meant to replace flash, Apple had a reason to ignore it. While many customers are upset about Apple’s ignorance on flash, others are more than happy with this decision. The dependency of a lot of content in the internet just from a privet company like Adobe isn’t a good solution, so some people see Apples’s politics as a chance to make Flash dispensable.

Additionally criticized points for the iPad are the leak of multitasking for most applications (the ability to open several programs at the same time), a missing cam for video chat and the fact that only software from the App Store will run on the iPad.

People expected a equivalent to all the netbooks out there, just with Apple’s and Jobs’ touch, but got something else. Apple didn’t try to make a better netbook with touchscreen, they are going to offer a whole new product. The iPad was a disappointment for those who expected a real mini computer like a windows or mac PC. If you look at the iPad from a neutral perspective it’s not that bad at all.

The iPad is a product that’s made for a market which grew just in the last years. It’s a simple gate to the portable internet, to information and fun everywhere. And that’s what it’s meant to be, the iPad is made to offer people an easy access to the internet. If you have to look up something quickly, if you’re sitting on the couch and like to surf or if you just want to read newspaper articles or ebooks, the iPad is a great solution. Especially the last feature mentioned above is something Apple tries to improve with their tablet computer. The New York Times already announced an application to offer paid content you normally only get with their printed media. Apple also tries to beat Amazon’s popular ebook-reader Kindle.

So you have to think about all this and for what reason you like to have an iPad to be clear if it’s something for you. But one thing is for sure, the iPad will sell as almost all Apple products do. At least the hype and the design will contribute enough to make this true.

While waiting for the iPad pimp your iPod, for example with an iPod Dock

Will The Apple Ipad Live Up To Its Hype?

With much fanfare and hype the Apple iPad was introduced on January 27, 2010. Already the critics are out in force complaining of the things the iPad doesn’t have. Some have even called it a giant iPhone that can’t make phone calls. One thing is certain; the iPad has all of the Apple panache just as the iPod and iPhone have, but will it be a big hit or is it a white elephant?

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The iPad was introduced as a cross between a notebook and a smart phone. The Apple disciples have been eagerly awaiting a tablet computer from Apple for a long time, so I imagine that it will be a hit with them. For the non-Apple fanatics that took to the iPhone and iPod like ducks to water, I wonder if they will embrace the iPad too.

iPad Criticism

Whenever a big consumer electronics company comes out with a new and innovative product there is always criticism. I suppose we are all so used to technological advances that we are expectant that a new electronic device will be the answer to all our prayers. After all, a few years ago some people carried around a cell phone, an iPod, a PDA device or laptop, and a digital camera. So smartphones like the iPhone were welcome as they could almost replace all of the individual mentioned devices.

One of the most common criticisms is the name which many have said is too closely related to a feminine hygiene product prompting the term iTampon. Maybe they are right and it would have been better to call it the iTablet or iSlate. The critics have also mentioned many functions that they believe the iPad should incorporate, like:

No integrated USB
No HDMI port
No expandable memory
No camera for photos, video or apps
No flash support
No streaming video
No multitasking

The Prices

Many people were surprised by the low price when it was introduced as they expected a price of $1000. Others have said that the price is in fact high for such a device prompting rumours that Apple will reduce the price very shortly if expected sales are not forthcoming.

There are in fact various prices depending on the configuration. The iPad comes with 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity and with either Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and 3G. So the base model with 16 GB and Wi-Fi only sells for $499, while the 64 GB model with both Wi-Fi and 3G sells for $829.

The Features

Criticism asides, there is a lot to like about the many features that the iPad does have. One of the major features is the ebook reader, iBook, which may end up being a Kindle killer. It is about the same size as the Kindle DX but it is slightly heaver and thicker. The main benefit is the LED backlit color display that all e-ink displays used by dedicated ebook reader’s lack. This will make it extremely useful for subscribing to newspapers and magazines as it is no fun reading a magazine on a Kindle in black and white.

Like many ebook readers, the iPad also supports viewing in portrait and landscape mode. But with the email function of the iPad, in landscape you can see your opened email plus the inbox and when you turn the display to portrait the opened email opens to fill the screen.

Other Features

Photos – You can use the iPad as a digital photo frame while it’s docked or charging.
Video You can watch HD moves, YouTube videos, podcasts, TV shows, and music videos. You can also switch between widescreen and full screen with just a double tap of the finger.
iPod and iTunes – You can display album art at full size and listen to music with the built-in speakers or by the Bluetooth wireless speakers. With iTunes you can preview songs before buying and you can sync the iPad with your iTunes library or your computer.
App Store – 140,000 apps from games to business are available to buy.

There are also maps, notes, calendar, contacts, and search functions. The battery life is stated at 10 hours which is enough to watch movies, surf the web, or listen to music.


So, will the Apple iPad sell like hot cakes? I am sure that most of the Apple die-hard fans will immediately snap up this latest offering. Only time will tell if the general public will find this device as irresistible as Steve Jobs hopes. Myself, I believe it will take off and only improve with future releases but I will sit on the fence for a while until I see if they are indeed going to reduce the price and wait for the iPad 2!

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