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What We Don’t Know About Apple Ipad

Apple answered a lot of questions Wednesday about its fabled tablet, now known as the iPad. We know it has a 9. 7-inch screen, weighs 1. 5 pounds, has Wi-Fi with a 3G option, and Apple claims it has up to 10 hours of battery life. The iPad runs the iPhone OS and “almost all” iPhone apps and uses the ePub format for books. We know a lot about this device, but there are still so many unanswered questions, not to mention a few mysteries, to keep you guessing:

Ten hours of battery life, Really?

Apple is claiming you can watch 10 hours of video on the iPad and that the device can sit in standby mode for one month on one charge. Don’t believe the hype, folks. Computer makers love to exaggerate battery life claims, and Apple is no exception. So don’t take this one to the bank until PC World’s test center checks out the iPad’s battery life.

Mobile Me, why no cloud syncing?

What about Mobile Me, Apple’s cloud syncing app for your contacts, email and calendars? Apple says you will be able to sync the iPad with your Mac or PC through the iPad’s 30-pin connector, but why no cloud syncing? Apple has had trouble in the past with Mobile Me, so perhaps the company is not ready to bring the iPad into the mix just yet. But you’ve got to assume this is coming — unless Apple plans on killing the Mobile Me service, that is.

“Almost all” iPhone apps?

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said the iPad works with “almost all” iPhone apps you can find in the App Store. So which iPhone apps won’t work with the iPad, Steve?

Magazines on the iPad?

We saw The New York Times on the iPad, but what about all that talk we heard about new magazine formats? GQ is experimenting with iPhone apps; will other publishers follow suit, or is there something else in the pipeline for magazines on the iPad?

AT&T? Really?

PC World spent the summer testing 3G connections across the U. S. , and AT&T achieved some of the lowest reliability scores compared with Verizon and Sprint. AT&T has a bad reputation when it comes to delivering data to the iPhone, and yet, Apple is relying on this carrier for another data-intensive device. The unlimited data plan pricing is pretty good at $30 per month, but can AT&T’s network handle the iPad?

How much for those accessories?

Apple has yet to release pricing on the iPad’s accessories like the keyboard dock, iPad case and camera connector. The keyboard dock is especially important, since its price may be a deciding factor for people who want to travel with the iPad instead of a netbook.

Is the iPad a threat to netbooks?

You can buy an external keyboard (price unknown), and the price for the iPad is right at $499. You can buy iWork, a suite of productivity apps for the device, so why not replace a netbook with the iPad? One concern might be Microsoft Office compatibility, but the standard version of iWork allows you to save files as Office documents, and presumably iWork on the iPad will do the same thing. Of course, most netbooks come with Webcams for video conferencing, and the iPad, well. . .

Why no Webcam?

You can put a Webcam in something as thin as the MacBook Air, but not the iPad? Are you kidding me? This is another big miss, to my mind. I have to wonder if the addition of 3G connectivity prevented Apple from even considering a Webcam. The telecoms probably wouldn’t be too happy to see people using Google video chat and Skype across 3G connections on the iPad. What other reason could there be for not having a Webcam? Was Apple afraid a Webcam-enabled iPad would cannibalize the 13-inch Macbook? Not likely, but you never know.

How comfortable is the typing?

If you look at the iPad promotional video, you’ll notice the user doesn’t let his non-typing fingers rest on the keyboard. That means the onscreen keyboard probably won’t be very comfortable to use for long periods of time. Again, the unknown price of the iPad’s keyboard dock could be a big factor in how well this device sells.

Having more than one program open at a time?

The iPad brings the issue of background processes up again. Having more than one program open at a time is important, especially if you are going to run Pages, iWork’s word processor, and need to refer to the Web while you’re working. Will the next version of the iPhone OS solve this problem, at least for iPad users?

There are other questions that need to be answered, such as whether or not the iPhone will be able to read iBooks. Will Apple try to ban the Kindle app from the iPad? Also, will the iBookstore be a part of iTunes or something that is accessible only from the iPad?

Plants vs. Zombies iPad Release Trailer

The Plants vs. Zombies HD app for iPad offers all 50 levels of Adventure and QuickPlay modes as well as Survival mode from the original Apple Macintosh and Windows PC game. It also includes four all-new achievements (for a total of 17) and 18 mini-games, including Buttered Popcorn exclusive to the iPad offering frantic and fun gameplay where players attack zombies by first buttering them up before firing corn-cob cannons at them. To defeat the growing hordes of zombies, players can touch them to place butter on their heads. With the Multi-Touch user interface, players can select up to eleven zombies at a time, targeted for buttering by the powerful cob cannons. The games non-stop action is presented in full 1040×768 resolution, delivering stunning visual effects rarely seen in mobile gaming.

Ipad Tablet Video Apple ipad touch

Ipad Tablet Video Apple ipad touch Get your Free ipad here usworldfinance. com

A demo of the new Apple iPad. Follow me: twitter. com twitter. com Thanks for watching! Make sure you subscribe for more videos about the iPad!

Apple iPad Tablet Commercial and Review

Read Apple iPad Tablet review @ www. jennyreviews. com The wait is over. Apple has released the Apple iPad Tablet. If you have previously enjoyed your iPod Touch or iPhone, you will increase your enjoyment with the iPad. All the apps, videos, music, photos and more you used on those screens are now on a high-resolution, enlarged, backlit display screen and run by an amazingly powerful Apple chip. Reading e-books has never been more convenient, easy on the eye and pleasurable with a screen the size of a regular book. The Apple iPad Tablet has everything you are used to in your iPhone or iPod Touch. Its LED-backlit display enables you to view images that are very crisp and vivid from any angle perfect for watching videos, viewing your photo collection, or even just browsing. Just turn it around and watch your screen go from portrait to landscape orientation. The touchscreen is very sensitive. Its multitouch-enabled so you can pinch to zoom in or out, swipe, and the iPad immediately responds to your command. Its so light and thin, even smaller than a magazine, making it one of the most powerful but portable devices you can own. Just slip it into your backpack or portfolio bag and see how little space it occupies. And one of its greatest features is its long battery life. Apples engineers who developed the battery technology for the Macbooks applied it to the Apple iPad Tablet as well, giving you hours on end of web surfing, gaming, music enjoyment and video watching. All of . . .

Exchange Old Cds With A New Apple Ipad

iPodMeister offers you a reasonable deal of exchanging used CDs and DVDs with a new Apple ipad. The iPodMeister is a company which is known for its deal in exchanging iPods and iPhones. But this time it has included the brand new Apple iPad and also increased the number of discs for the exchange.

The deal is very attractive and looks very reasonable of exchanging the used CDs and DVDs with the brand new Apple ipad. The iPodMeister would however get benefited by selling your CDs and DVDs for a profit in other countries. The company also claims that the iPods, iPhones and iPads that are set to exchange with the discs are brand new with the complete Apple Warranty. They also offer the free pick up & shipping in the US.

The rules in the deal are that the CDs and DVDs shouldn’t have any scratch on it but they will have to come in the original jewl case with the cover art. We advice you to check out their website before collecting all your CDs and DVDs. The different models of iPad requires different number of CDs and DVDs for exchange. Check out the model with the number of discs.

iPodMeister’s Offer :

iPad w/ Wi-Fi 16 GB = 600 CDs or DVDs
iPad w/ Wi-Fi 32 GB = 700 CDs or DVDs
iPad w/ Wi-Fi 64 GB = 800 CDs or DVDs
iPad w/ Wi-Fi + 3G 16GB = 950 CDs or DVDs
iPad w/ Wi-Fi + 3G 32GB = 1,050 CDs or DVDs
iPad w/ Wi-Fi + 3G 64GB = 1,150 CDs or DVDs.

iPodMeister offers you a reasonable deal of exchanging used CDs and DVDs with a new Apple ipad. The iPodMeister is a company which is known for its deal in exchanging iPods and iPhones.

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