Apple’s iPad Applications are wonderfully designed. Overall, they put the existing screen real estate to good use. Apple iPad can also run most of the iPhone applications because it is using iPhone OS 3. 2. It features 9. 7 inch Multi touch display, on screen keyboard, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 16-64GBs of storage and 10 hours of battery life. Apple is going to release some added extras for iPad protection. The iPad Keyboard Dock is having a 30-pin connector and audio output.

Apple’s product roadmap with the iPad is a number of revs away. Throwing this finicky iPad version is part of the means to try it (while earning revenue from it). Apple iPhone had a great camera. The tablet device doesn’t. Apple IPad Apps can be available on mixture of iTunes like the iPhones even though not exactly.

Apple had a similar problem with the iPhone and Cisco, which they could actually resolve with a little bit of cash. I suspect that Apple will have to get out their wallet again for making Fujitsu disappear. Apple will sell an add-on keyboard for the iPad, but in order to do loads of work on the go, you may be better off finding a real laptop. The iPad isn’t for work. Apple also announced the new iBooks app for iPad, to include Apples new iBookstore, the easiest way to browse, buy and read books using a mobile device. The iBookstore will feature books from major and independent publishers.

Apple will additionally provide you with the option to have it with 3G. Furthermore, the iPad will connect to the App Store, iTunes as well as the brand new iBook Store. Apple, with all of its nearly $200 billion market cap and nearly $60 billion in annual sales, has the financial and technical wherewithal to take us all the distance down the digital highway. The iPad will nibble away at other mobile devices including those made by Apple and raise the bar for hardware, software, content and commerce players. Apple has just launched the SDK that may allow app developers to edit their apps to make them work on the iPad and utilize the larger screen.

Apple knows exactly what they’re doing and this thing will grow into the magical device we wish it to be. Apple knows how to play the mind games, catch the wave, and ride on it like it did with iPod claiming music industry, iPhone striking at communications industry and after this finally iPad targeted towards students, snappy execs, home-makers etc. Apple is less an innovator in design than an innovator in marketing. I am going to however concede how the iPhone was a brilliant step forward in design.

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