Read Apple iPad Tablet review @ www. jennyreviews. com The wait is over. Apple has released the Apple iPad Tablet. If you have previously enjoyed your iPod Touch or iPhone, you will increase your enjoyment with the iPad. All the apps, videos, music, photos and more you used on those screens are now on a high-resolution, enlarged, backlit display screen and run by an amazingly powerful Apple chip. Reading e-books has never been more convenient, easy on the eye and pleasurable with a screen the size of a regular book. The Apple iPad Tablet has everything you are used to in your iPhone or iPod Touch. Its LED-backlit display enables you to view images that are very crisp and vivid from any angle perfect for watching videos, viewing your photo collection, or even just browsing. Just turn it around and watch your screen go from portrait to landscape orientation. The touchscreen is very sensitive. Its multitouch-enabled so you can pinch to zoom in or out, swipe, and the iPad immediately responds to your command. Its so light and thin, even smaller than a magazine, making it one of the most powerful but portable devices you can own. Just slip it into your backpack or portfolio bag and see how little space it occupies. And one of its greatest features is its long battery life. Apples engineers who developed the battery technology for the Macbooks applied it to the Apple iPad Tablet as well, giving you hours on end of web surfing, gaming, music enjoyment and video watching. All of . . .

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