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After months of guesses and speculations the wait is over.

Apple head Steve Jobs unveiled the very thin iPad tablet computer and claimed that it will offer the best browsing experience one can have like holding the internet in the hand.

The Apple Tablet will have email, photos,  maps, built in itunes store and youtube functionality. Jobs also demonstrated the the iPad visiting the home pages of the New York times, Time Magazine and Fandango.

Jobs showed a quick view of the email and moved on to the photos. One can switch the device from portrait to landscape view. Users can get events, places and faces as well as flick left or right through photos. He further showed the slideshow of Paris on the Ipad. In calendars, users can drag their fingers over the events to get a weekly or a daily view.

Jobs went on to the maps application and viewed the Eiffel Tower, taps a corner to go to a satellite view. Then he moved onto the events current location in San Francisco. He then typed in sushi using the ipad virtual keyboard and found nearby sushi places, which showed one local sushi restaurant called Sushi Boat. Jobs then showed off youtube videos, played an HD video of a surfing dog.

The Ipad features, specifications and price:

The apple ipad is 0. 5 inches thin, weights 1. 5 pounds, thinner and lighter than any netbook. It has a 9. 7 inch IPS display and full multi toiuch screen. Further the device would be powered by Apple’s own custom silicon chip. The battery would last upto 10 hours.

The apple ipad will be available with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of Flash storage. It will also have wi-fi,bluetooth, speaker, microphone, compass and 30 pin connector to plug into iPod accessories.

Price of ipad: $499 for 16GB, non 3G, 32GB would cost $599 and 64GB will carry a price tag of $699. For a 3G model, the 16Gb will be for $629, 32GB will cost  $729 and 64GB will be priced for $829.

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