Why the iPad sucks, or not —————————————————– t3chh3lp. com Lead Editors Brandon Davenport, Nick Mahar and Ricardo Trejo take some quality time to tear apart the iPad and stop along the way to point out some of the ways it can fin into life. Ricardo is in love with the iPad and has been defending it ever since it was launched, he says “it could be some peoples first experiences with the internet” and he feels it is a vital participant in the on-the-go Apple Line up. Nick on the other hand wants to give Mr. Jobs a firm smack in the face and say “What the hell were you thinking? iPad!?”. Nick thinks this is “not a ground breaking product” and believe it or not, he is an Apple Fanatic! I on the other hand see this in a neutral fashion, on the outside looking in, amazed by its beauty and simplicity, but still flabbergasted at how many different female toiletry products I can call it. Read More t3chh3lp. com Watch More youtube. com

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