Visit apple-iphone-accessories. com for more information about new Apple iPad that has been Unveiled on 27 January, 2010 Apple hates netbooks because netbooks cannibalize notebooks. But the company would love to sell another Apple device into homes. The iPad doesn’t replace anything Apple currently sells. You type on your laptop at your desk. You surf with your iPhone while on the go. But you’d relax with an iPad on the couch, prop it up by your bed, or rest it on the airplane tray table. That’s all stuff you do with existing devices, of course, but an iPad would make it more natural, just as a Kindle does. The Kindle’s success doesn’t come from its brilliant hardware. Yes, the new Kindles are much prettier and slimmer than the original Kindle, but they’re compelling because of their 3G networking and their tight integration with Amazon’s store. Apple has that integration, too, via the iPhone Kindle app, and it has a much deeper legacy of building multipurpose hardware than Amazon does. The Kindle DX seems to have three primary markets textbooks, newspapers, and magazines. Other companies, including Hearst and News Corp. , are said to be going into the media pad space to save their magazine subscription dollars. They’re doomed. In exchange for your monthly contract, the iPad will give you the whole Internet, and 35000 iPod touch applications, including—get this!—the Amazon Kindle application. Amazon won’t stress out about this too much. It will still be selling e-books, and . . .

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