While apple fans are eagerly waiting for apple’s latest product, the iPad Tuoch, some of the iPad reviews may sound pretty disappointing for them. iPad is definitely something that is expected to match the quality and style seen in the other apple products. But how good is it actually? Let us quickly look through the features of iPad to know it better.

A Look at the Negatives

You may come across an iPad review that may not sound that encouraging for you. For example, some critics claimed that the apple iPad is just a modification of the iPhone, with the inconvenience of it being bigger in size, and hence inconvenient to carry around.

Some iPad reviews will also tell you that it performs very little more than the iPhone, and hence is a half hearted try from Apple to come up with something new to make the eyes of the customers and apple fans turn towards it. A closer look at the iPad, however, may reveal something very different from this.

The Features

If you check out the various features of this gadget, you will see that not only are the interfaces much better than the iPhone, but there are much more features built into the iPad for its users. In fact, there is no comparison that can be made between the iPhone and the iPad.

Apple iPad comes with a fully functional pad touch enabled and extremely user friendly. You can use this touch pad as a on screen keyboard as well. The device has great programs like Safari, iTunes, picture viewers, editors and file managers, and much more.

This device can be ideal for a number of uses. If you are an ardent listener of music, iPad can be your personal music library. If it is internet that you are interested in, the iPad can offer you the optimum services for the internet. It has been considered to be the best mobile internet device till date.

More Exciting Features

Even though I was a bit disappointed to find that it is not before April 2010 that this product will be released in the market for the consumers, I did get a chance to check out most of the features this device has to offer the users. Apart from being an ideal mobile device for internet, music and videos, it can be great for business use as well.

You can use the iPad to read ebooks, schedule meetings, create and view presentations, access Google maps, and get the benefits of a number of other functions on this single device. Priced at around $499 (expected) this device can be a great item to go for. So let us wait and see how the iPad shows its impact on the market!

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