Apple iPad will overwhelm AT T network?

Beijing on April 2, according to foreign media reports, “Business Week” recently published an article online edition, said analysts believe that with the Apple iPad tablet PCs for sale in the United States, this product would have suffered the blame AT & T’s 3G network to bring even greater pressure. However, AT & T and Apple are optimistic side, that the iPad can Dell Inspiron 500m battery excellent experience for the user.

The following is the “Business Week” article summary:

Publishing sector Peter @ Costanzo (Peter Costanzo) will change daily subway spend long time approach, the 45-year-old Perseus Books Press marketing director of New York ordered a support 3G function iPad tablet PC. With this product, in his daily 75-minute subway ride time can read newspapers, buy books, take notes, send and receive messages, and to think and explore the future of the publishing industry. Costanzo said: “As a publisher, to see how the performance of this equipment is very important. “

In the following months, such as Costanzo AT & T users will have a great deal of trouble. As millions of Apple iPhone mobile phone users consume a lot of Internet traffic, AT & T’s 3G network has suffered a lot of pressure, the user has been complaining about AT & T’s 3G network frequent dropped calls and slow speeds issues.

Some industry analysts believe, iPad will result in AT & T’s network problems from worsening. March 2 this year, held an investor conference in San Francisco, AT & T CEO Randall Stephenson @ (Randall Stephenson) said he expected the main iPad is a “use Wi-Fi equipment. ” Some analysts believe that Stephenson’s remarks too early, AT & T will find iPad demand for its 3G network resources much more powerful than expected.

Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Craig Moffett @ (Craig Moffett), said, iPad “take up a lot of bandwidth needs,” and this is likely to be very disappointed users. Moffett said, iPad big screen movie viewing program can support a variety of needs such as bandwidth-intensive applications, which means that 3G version of iPhone iPad will consume the equivalent of twice the network resources. He said: “It seems AT & T that, in most cases iPad users to use Wi-Fi Internet connection. Apple A1185 Battery a slightly far-fetched, after all, no one is a used product. “

Key factors: iPad sales and use of

Independent wireless industry analyst Shiqie Tan @ Sharma (Chetan Sharma) argued that support 3G function iPad network traffic consumed the equivalent of two-thirds of iPhone traffic. According to Piper Jaffray analyst Chris @ Larson (Chris Larsen) expected this year to support 3G features iPad sales will reach 2. 7 million. According to this forecast the iPad network resources occupied by the equivalent of 1. 7 million iPhone handsets. Larson said that considering the iPad outstanding sales performance this year, and users connect to the Internet’s widespread use of 3G, iPad sure AT & T’s network will create a lot of pressure. He said: “If AT & T’s network once again be blamed, then the AT & T’s reputation will be seriously jeopardized. “

Of course, iPad also may not give AT & T’s network has brought enormous pressure, after all, is not yet know the iPad can achieve this year, analysts expect sales of between two million to six million do not know whether the user will make extensive use iPad streaming video services to take up a lot of network resources. Perhaps there will be many users choose lower-priced Wi-Fi version iPad, in airports and coffee shops with Wi-Fi hot spots such as the regional Internet access.

April 3 for sale in the U. S. version three iPad support Wi-Fi wireless networking, will be on sale in the near future will support the other three versions of 3G networking. Support 3G function iPad users can use AT & T’s wireless network, according to the different data traffic is divided into 15 dollars and 30 U. S. dollars per month in different packages. In addition, users can also use the AT & T in the United States provided more than 20,000 Wi-Fi hotspots. AT & T spokesman Mark @ Seger (Mark Siegel), said: “We own the network layout was very satisfied. “

AT & T and Apple are optimistic

AT & T emerging devices for Glenn @ Luli Ai (Glenn Lurie) said, iPad with the 3G network and Wi-Fi network to effortlessly switch between the functions of the network that will greatly ease the pressure. He said: “We will provide a good experience for users. “

Apple spokeswoman Natalie @ Chris (Natalie Kerris) that the user does not experience network congestion. She said: “AT & T is an excellent partner, their iPad offers users a monthly subscription packages landmark. “

Of course, there will be a lot of users 9. 7 inches of iPad screen to watch the film, which will take up a lot of bandwidth. Frost & Sullivan Senior Consultant James @ Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery (James Brehm) is expected to use iPad watch a two-hour film flow consumed the equivalent of iPhone or iPod consumed by watching the same movie 5 times flow. Compared with the ebook, the flow of consumption of such documents is clearly much more.

Jefferies & Co. Analyst Jonathan @ 施尔德克劳特 (Jonathan Schildkraut) that, iPad will eventually become a consume large amounts of network traffic, equipment, he said: “In the long run, iPad will lead to network congestion. “

News person said recently, Apple CEO Steve Jobs secretly met with the New York Times Company back nearly 50 executives, to show them that Apple Tablet PC iPad, and to discuss cooperation matters.

Sources said the meeting with the family gathering in a similar manner. Jobs in the public display of the iPad executives present their capabilities, and describes how iPad for the future of media services.

“IPad using our most advanced technology, is an astounding price of revolutionary products. ” Apple CEO Steve Jobs said, “iPad create and define a new product category , to an unprecedented intimate, intuitive and fun way to users and their applications and content with it. “

January 27, 2010, Apple officially launched in San Francisco, Tablet PC iPad, the product is a used to browse the Web, read and send email, view photos, watch , listen to music, play games, read e-books and other functions revolutionary product.

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