For a company generates waves in the market and is known for its line of innovative products like the iPhone has made famous to offer MacBook Air and increased competition on the front of the planet, and a new direction in the form of compressed most likely to be an issue, debate hot. So it is not only a threat to the pragmatic Biggies like Microsoft, HP, but also throw in a big competition to other manufacturers such as Intel, Nvidia, according to all, which would put Apple on its products. The buzz is mature and germinated from suppliers in China. However, recent updates have cemented the rumors and the reference to the introduction of an Apple tablet coming soon. The latest report, Apple will be a final draft ready in September, and the device would be announced early November. It is assumed that the Apple Tablet PC will cost around a huge $ 699 to $ 799 To meet the high price to justify 10A? Device would be able to play, including high definition video. The source mentions that the quality of the device is the video is better than the average movie experience. “The device can also be a great iPod Touch with a screen size of 10 inches is similar, it lacks a keyboard, packs USB, FireWire and runs on Mac OS X with a variety of multimedia goodies. An Apple Tablet could be a multimedia device, the company has now unit does not know the details, or even the size of the screen, the future. But it is unclear how this gadget will differ compatible multimedia product line Apple such as the iPhone and iPod Touch. Keep the company moves to be considered in the past, analysts are betting that Apple tablet device will be centered media and undermine the publishing industry. Already, Apple is ready beating the Amazon and other e-book-makers an essential weapon that is iTunes. With over 6 billion songs, which is reflected in the iTunes Store is the music industry on its head. More to be more than 1. 5 billion download from the App Store, Apple has yet to downloads e-book market and write books to give as simple as music. Last month he There was a rumor that the Apple tablet with a secret project code name cocktail of software, said the order to start development are associated with major music labels and as “a new form of interactive CD “be called. The new project will combine photos, lyrics sheets, video clips and notes, all gathered in one interactive booklet. The next question is, what is striking about the operating system for Apple Tablet? Will Apple netbook comes with an iteration of its Mac OSX or is out of many of the existing one? The processor is also a problem with an Apple tablet. According to some reports, it has approved several processors for its atomic shelf. In addition, the name of the Apple tablet is interesting to know if it iPad Mini or MacBook, but will be designed by the company. At the end of it can be concluded that Apple Tablet 10a is it? Having a music device centric competitor to Amazon E-book reader can and comparable speed and performance.

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