Apple Inc. the iPad have announce that it will hit the stores next month, but it’s still not sure on how consumers respond to this new device .

The Wi-Fi version of iPad would be begin selling first on the third of April in the U. S. While the high-speed 3G networks will be selling later that month base on The Cupertino , Calif  company.

U. S consumers can begin to take orders from Apple. U. S. customers on its Web site March 12.

AT&T Inc, domestic-carrier partner of iphone will be supplying the 3G wireless service for the iPad in the U. S. Unfortunately , An AT&T spokesman say that the iPad won’t be sold in any of their stores.

In the late April, customers in Australia, France, Germany, Japan and other countries will be able to buy the iPad. It was said by Apple that when iPad was introduced in January , it would be available in late March. A few days ago, a analyst report said that the release of the iPad might delay and limit its quantities of the device that are initially available because Apple had encountered some production glitches.

The company’s shares have increase by %8. 24, or 3. 9%, to $218. 95 on the Nasdaq Stock Market on Friday which was announcement by Apple that the iPad will come out in the early April.

Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray say that the production issues, in his mind, are not days or a week in time. “When things slip by weeks that would be a production issues. The date has been set as a confirmation that there weren’t production delays and it doesn’t impact any of our number. ” An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment

Is is still unknown on how many iPad will be launching and whether it will be a event that occurred when iPhones first went on sale nearly three years ago, which was a long lines of customers in front of the stores before it even went on sale.

The tablet-shaped iPad is trying to define a new category of technology devices with uncertain market potential. Because of its large touch-sensing screen for navigating the Internet, watching videos and reading ebooks, the iPhone was able to tap into a huge audience of existing cellphone customers.

The iPad cost around $499 to $829 base on the models. It has a 9. 7-inch screen, no keyboard and Wi-Fi.

The cool thing about it,it is geared for navigating the Web and running software applications that are created by others.

There is one factor that will affect sales of the iPad is base on how broadly will it be selling in stores. Apple said it will be available on Friday for sale through its own retail stores and some of Apple partners which they did not name.

Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook recently singled out Best Buy Co at an investor conference.

as an example of a retail partner likely to carry the iPad.

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