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Although I still think that Apple will be the first to surprise us with a laptop or TabletMac making use of the iPhone’s multitouch technology, other manufacturers are on the lookout to enter another market that some look forward to. HP for example has announced that in about 18 months are planning to market a laptop that makes use of multitouch technology that is now in the Apple iPhone. It will be the beginning of the implementation of this technology across its entire range of computer equipment to carry and other products. Bends that the company already has something similar with its range Touchmart HP, but on desktops.

The reason given Phil McKinney, HP to believe in the success of these devices we share fully and has much to do with user experience which both talk lately: touch technology is the ideal or less traumatic for those users who do not technicians but users are playing for the first time a gadget. It seems a sensible strategy if we consider that consumer electronics is now well established among many young and active users of the same, but there is a large market of customers if they know they do not want to complicate your life with pots and want simplicity. Just what we talked about the Amazon Kindle.

Reason not missing from HP, as it is expected that by the year 2013 will double the number of computers with touch screens, which now are present in handheld devices, monitors and desktop computers, but not active on laptops.

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