Apple wireless Internet failure acknowledged the existence iPad

Recently, many consumer complaints against the iPad WiFi fault, Apple iPad yesterday acknowledged the problem of wireless network links, and the official web site gives technical solutions.

As early as April 3 iPad listed on the first day, they HP Pavilion ZV5000 Battery have WiFi users reflect the existence of fault iPad, yesterday at noon in the Apple forums, a “bad wireless” post have been a 21-page replies of this topic, click-through rate as high as 3. 7 million. Many users said, WiFi there are several problems such as difficult to maintain a stable rate. Some users said, iPad after wake from hibernation can not connect to the network.

Apple Inc. is given followed by a technical Web site solution, indicate a problem yes because you use a third party’s Duo-frequency Lu Youqi cause of, and Jian Yi Zhong Xin independent Shezhi users per frequency band, network settings Tongshibiaoshi you should ensure that the firmware version is Zuixin , the router has the complete functions, in addition to check the location of the router.

But Apple did not recognize the hardware problem. Apple has also hinted that may be because too far away from the router or other equipment caused interference with the wireless link failure.

While Apple gives the solution, but still many users complained that the wireless link failure.

In another development, the flat wind wave riding iPad, Apple’s rivals Hewlett-Packard announced on April 5 for a forthcoming touchscreen Tablet PC – “Slate” video. Nokia is also possible in the second half of 2010 to launch its own Tablet PC.

In addition, there was news this week, Apple will release four new generation mobile phone system iPhone (mobile Internet) OS 4. 0, rumors that a new generation multi-mission systems or to support the run.

April 8 morning news, according to foreign media reports, Compuware subsidiary Gomez Internet Performance Department released data show that the main Internet web site page is loaded, the Apple iPad faster than the speed of the Internet this and the Amazon Kindle reader.

Data show that 74% of major Internet sites loaded in the iPad on the Internet this on faster than the speed. But on all Internet sites, the, iPad page loading Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery slightly slower than the Internet this. Gomez CTO Emard @ Mullin (Imad Mouline) that the performance of a large site on the iPad better because these sites are optimized for the iPad. If there are more sites to follow, then the iPad the future will provide a better browsing experience.

However, upgrading of part of the site loading speed is not as iPad load Flash content, which leads to some site functionality is limited. But Mullin said, even taking into account the impact of Flash content, iPad loading large web pages are still faster than the speed of the Internet this.

Apple CEO Steve @ Jobs (Steve Jobs) has said, iPad if you want to be successful, it must in some ways better than the smart phones, in some ways better than the laptop. Portability of smartphones is significantly better than tablet PCs and notebooks, but the performance is also weak.

Jobs said, iPad would be by far the most outstanding Web browsing device, while the Internet is not the advantage in every aspect. iPad portability of this better than the Internet, if the page loading speed better than the Internet of this, it will prove to be Steve Jobs said is true.

According to the foreign site, Apple iPad has been successfully listed, last weekend one-day sales of more than 300,000 units. Apple iPad forum users complain that recent days have been a continuous bombing, the complaint can not be sustained and steady focus on iPad keep Wi-Fi connection. Apple today confirmed that its new iPad existence of Wi-Fi link to the problem and the issue of remedial measures.

On an Apple forum, entitled Weak Wifi Pages (bad Wifi page) the Dell Inspiron 8600 Battery listed in the iPad 48 hours after visits to more than 1 million times.

The following is an excerpt of 2 user comments:

One commented that the 16GB version of iPad on my Wifi signal is also weak, even WLAN is standing in front of the router, the signal is weak when the strong. In fact the router signal is very strong, the other computer can receive a strong signal, even in the 20-30 meters as well.

Another commented that, in the room, my iPhone, iPod touch, two Macbook Pros notebook, Apple TV, and PS games are full of cell signals, but only 1-2 iPad format signal.

User guess Wifi antenna signal is weak due to problems, some people speculated may be a software problem. The latter fact seems to confirm speculation that the majority of the forum completely run Apple network users do not have the same problem.

Monday Apple Knowledge Base article published on the page, to discuss the issue. This article not only to make recommendations on the repair, also illustrates this problem very seriously Apple. The article said that support for 2. 4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency band of third-party Wi-Fi router connection problems occur, the user’s network settings for each band a different SSID, to ensure that each network uses the same security settings (WEP, WPA or WPA2 ).

Apple’s proposed remedy

Apple said that, if you have connection HP pavilion zd8000 battery, in a more explicit explanation of Apple and rehabilitation measures, it may take the following remedial measures:

Router’s firmware upgrade and a home network connection in the iPad before, to ensure that the latest version of firmware, so that fully functional router.

Replaced the router location is too close to look at the router device causing interference, because the microwave, cordless phones, wireless keyboard, and Bluetooth devices will interfere with W-Fi signal.

Determine the router’s wireless standards currently most routers only support 802. 11n, also supports a, b and g networks, set up your router the best network and other wireless devices also do the same change, iPad support 802. 11n, so match as closely as possible the router.

Change the router’s encryption settings generally safe and not a problem, but if you want to improve network performance, you may need to change security settings. Try to change the encryption settings, see if can improve connection. Apple also recommends that users across the network use the same security settings.

Apple to rename the network made this suggestion may seem strange, but can also try the next. Each band to create different Wi-Fi network name, for example, in 802. 11b / g network name plus a G, the 802. 11n network name plus a APPLE M7318 Battery.


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