Apple is set to “revolutionize” yet another industry. They have done it with the music industry, the mobile telecommunication industry, and look set to do it with the mobile computing industry through the new iPad. The new iPad is positioned as an alternative to the hot-selling netbook PC’s which have generated huge revenues for computer giants Dell, HP, and Acer. Netbooks have been a huge success because of its ultra portability and extremely cheap price compared to a normal laptop. Apple’s new iPad will be competing directly with the netbook industry with Apple’s version of what a real “netbook” should be.

The new iPad looks like an oversized iPod Touch with a 9. 7 inch LED widescreen multi-touch display. It looks like Apple is fully utilizing their multi-touch technology to create products that have been proved very popular. Apple’s new iPad features include:

•    browsing the internet
•    checking e-mails
•    viewing photos
•    reading e-books
•    playing video games
•    listening to music
•    watching videos

Basically the new iPad enables people to do the most basic computing tasks that has become a daily routine in today’s information era. People want something that is affordable, portable, and user-friendly which is exactly what Apple’s new iPad is offering. With a starting price of just $499, it looks certain that the new iPad is on the wishlist of many people from all walks of life.

Since the new iPad will not be available till April 3, the anticipation for this next ‘big thing’ from Apple is clearly gaining momentum as we can see from the various news and blogs that are constantly raving about the new iPad even though it’s not yet available.

I would personally be one of those early adopters and I’m all set to be lining up in front of my local Apple Store this coming April 3. What about you guys?

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Steve Johnson has been a loyal Apple fanboy ever since he got his hands on his first iPod. The iPod led him to other Apple products and turned him to a full time Apple Geek. He enjoys writing and reviewing gadgets and all sorts of technological related products with a slight bias towards Apple, as you might already know.

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