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insider exclusive tips and tricks to beat the system for low priced items!!

By: Waleed Elgamal

We all heard about wholesalers / resellers and retail shops, the terms till the moment are unknown to lots of people and this is why we lose our hard earned money so fast and others acheive their financial stability.

Wholesalers ( 100% profit ) :

This type of business owners deal directly with the factories to buy their stock of products and then sell to resellers / retail shops for a small profit.

As this business requires large capital to start dealing with factories most of the online shops start either a reseller or a retail shop store.

So Apple sell the iPad to wholesalers for lets say $60,

the wholesaler sells to resellers for $120.

Resellers ( 100% profit ) :

This type of business is run on the concept that every product needs marketing, so reseller reach the whole saler and buy from him and resell to the retail shop for a higher profit then the wholesaler make.

So wholesalers sell the iPad to resellers for  $120,

the resellers sell to retail shops for $240.

Retail shops ( 100% profit ) :

This retail shop gets the iPad for $240

set the profit to 100% and round to the nearest large number ( -1 )

So  retail price is :

$480 become ( $500 – 1 ) = $499

How many times you seen this ( $X99 ) syntax ?

I can tell you, you won`t be able to count.


Now as you know the secret of the trade, do you want to know how to beat the system and get your products for less than factory prices ?

I can hear you all screaming YEAH!!

Note : at this point i saved the article draft!!!  ( who cares TELL US!!! )


I have been introduced to the system by this free guide from Juan Hayes immediately i contacted many sources to find about the truth behind the system and i actually tried it.

From the first site it seams we are into another auction site, but the truth is ( not all auctions are run like this one from the guide )

The truth is by dealing with this particular auction from Juan Hayes guide we are dealing with a wholesaler, so he can AFFORD offering this type of auctions.

Let me tell you a brief about my experience ( it’s for your own good ) :

i asked on yahoo answer a question about ipad and if it’s like laptops or is it a big iphone.

i got one answer that grabbed my attention, he gave me link to the free guide from Juan Hayes

he also said that he didn`t like the iPad but because he can get it for a few dollars he bought one anyway.

I followed the link, read the brief introduction followed the other link, contacted the company by feedback, got information on how they can afford.

They buy wholesale from main factories and stock merchandise worth millions, and they ran this business because they wanted to make higher profit and also server the community same time.

what amazed me is when i tried, it was busy hour i watched another auction for a ps3 go to few dollars and ending, so i said lets give it a try.

Bought bids and started bidding, i got the ipad after fighting against another bidder till his bids ran out for 10$ ( i think he didn`t have enouph bids to compete against me  ).

Anyway i paid for the iPad and got shipment details ( arrived in 3 days ).

but you won`t believe till you try, do you want to change the way you spend!!

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