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Follow These 3 Simple Steps to Test and Keep an iPad Free

Step 1. Go here: http://www. howtogetfreegadgets. info
Step 2. Complete all the details on your survey.
Step 3. Fulfill a minimum of 2 offers.

Note: You must be at least 18 yrs of age. Keep in mind there are plenty of
great offers available to help you complete your prerequisites.

So How Does it All Work?

For individuals who have never heard about iPad testing, this is a new program run by companies marketing their products. This promotion delivers Complimentary iPads to customers willing to check out the item and provide their opinions of the product after which this agency permits you to keep it for your efforts.

When you follow through on the requirements you will get your own Apple iPad on your desk in no time. An iPad tester can find many offers on-line and keep clear of those annoying contests to try and win one. Getting to be one of the first to own and operate an iPad is easier than you would imagine. If I have grabbed your interest then keep on reading to determine how you can receive an iPad to keep free.

How are These Vendors in a Position to Hand Out FREE iPads?

Most offers like these are usually paid for by advertisers or third party investors. They require consumers to fulfill several prerequisites and then once completed they send the customer a new product to try out. So if you fulfill your end of the deal you’ll find out this particular offer to be “Authentic” and your tablet-style computer shall be yours to keep without waiting around to see if you have won a contest or was fortunate enough to have your email address picked from a list of about a thousand others.

Offering complimentary iPads for iPad testing can be a really inexpensive means for promoters to get the word out about this new revolutionary product. The Apple Corporation will make use of the iPad test to elicit customer opinions and to uncover what the public thinks of the new product. They also may learn if the product has been utilized effectively and if any new applications need to be produced in order to increase sales and keep the public’s awareness high. They believe in the iPad so much that they are happy to let you become an Apple iPad tester and become the first in your region to brag about owning one. Let’s face the facts just after getting one free of charge I am positive you’ll end up a highly valued client as well.

Be Careful Though:

You have to be a resident of the United States to apply and you need to be at least Eighteen years old to qualify. This offer will not last long and when the iPad is available to the public most of these free offers will disappear. Do not waste your time and efforts entering contests just to be disappointed once you don’t win. iPad testing offers aren’t a con and they do work. Let me caution you to be aware of any kind of offer asking you for an straight up fee or your bank card information in order to be put on their own list; most of these offers scream fraud.

Source: iPad testing

Many of you are probably wondering: when is the iPad release date? Well the device was originally rumored to be release in March, but due to some delays, the official date has now been announced as April 3rd, 2010.

Well friends, you don’t even have to wait for the release of the brand new Apple iPad — you can get one now free of charge by becoming an iPad tester. This program is probably new to you, but believe it or not, you can get a totally free ipad to test and keep. All you have to do is fulfill some requirements and/or offers. It’s true — you will get the new iPad tablet style computer mailed right to your home!

Here’s How to Test and Keep the iPad For Free:

1. CLICK HERE and enter your zip code.
2. Complete the surveys given.
3. Complete at least 2 offers.

Note: You must be a US Resident and 18 years or older.

How Can Companies Give Away Complimentary iPads?

There is absolutely no surprise that Apple saves money by having third party sponsors market their new merchandise, saving them thousands on advertising for their new upcoming merchandise. In reality, participating in free offer promotions enables you to get products that are covered through the promotional budgets of major businesses. Having potential users test the new ipad prior to the launch date might help in getting millions of people to recognize their innovative computer.

Once you meet all the necessary conditions, your personal Apple iPad computer will be mailed off and reach your home very quickly. I searched the web for an authentic promotion like this one and found out getting involved in the iPad testing program has been really worth my time. When your totally free iPad is in your possession, the manufacturers at the Apple Corporation are betting that you’ll would ultimately turn out to be one of their best clients for a lifetime.

Copyright (c) 2010 Titus Hoskins

Unless you have been locked away in an underground bunker for the last six months, you will have probably heard about the Apple iPad. This new lightweight portable “slate computer” from Steven Jobs, is viewed by many critics as just an over-sized iPhone suffering from serious delusions of grandeur.

However, all kidding aside, is the iPad the ultimate or perfect student laptop? A close examination of the iPad’s features could answer this question. What the iPad has or doesn’t have, will tell you if the iPad is a suitable device for students or not?

First, lets look at some of the iPad’s main selling points which will bring out the student in all of us. It is lightweight and extremely portable at around a half-inch thick and weighing in at about 1½ pounds, so the iPad can be easily carried anywhere. You won’t even notice you have it in your backpack or bookbag and with over 10 hours of battery life the iPad will probably outlast your longest school day.

Second, it has a 9. 7 inch touch-screen color display which all iPhone and iPod users have been properly weaned on. This touch-screen will be very convenient especially in a quiet classroom or lecture hall. The color display will also make reading books and magazines much more enjoyable.

Third, the iPad is also handy for browsing the web, watching videos and even playing games. But it is the book-reading function which could possibly make the iPad a virtual “replacement” for all textbooks. Just imagine, instead of lugging 5 or 6 heavy textbooks to class every day, you have them stored in your iPad – ready for access. But what about highlighting all that important text with a big red marker – there’s probably already an App for that.

Now lets examine some features the iPad doesn’t have that could discourage some people from bringing this apple to school. Probably, one of the major drawbacks has to be the lack of multi-tasking. If there is anything a young student has learned, it’s how to do multi-tasking. Some youngsters have even perfected it into an artform. They know how to watch a video, text a message, send an email, download a movie and browse the web. . . all the while doing their homework.

Second, the iPad does not have a keyboard which could make it difficult to type or take long notes. While this handicap will mostly depend on the dexterity of the user, keep in mind, young people are easy adapters of any new technology so using the touch-screen keyboard might not be a major problem for them.

Third, the iPad also doesn’t have many common features that you would see on a laptop or even a netbook. There is no Flash which will make viewing webpages less enjoyable. There is no USB port which will not please many people, but you can use a dock connector. There is also no SD card slot, no HMDI out and no full GPS. There’s no camera or webcam. . . which pretty much rules out sexting, parents will be relieved but seriously, a truly portable communication device should have included a webcam. Maybe future models will sport them or maybe Apple gave some serious consideration to privacy issues in the classroom and the school environment. A cameraless device may be more welcomed by school officials if the iPad does become the ultimate virtual textbook.

Furthermore, some techies have criticized the iPad for having a 4:3 ratio display which makes it relatively square; instead of a 16:9 ratio which would be more ideal for watching widescreen movies. Since you probably want students reading textbooks, rather than watching movies, this is not really a design flaw.

The last consideration for most students will be price. The iPad is more expensive than a netbook but a little cheaper than most laptops; of course that would depend on the size and brand of the laptop in question. The prices for the iPad range from $499 to $829. The more costly iPads will have more storage for all those music and video files – although the storage is in the low range, only offering 16, 32, or 64GB.

Overall, the iPad does have many good features which make it a very suitable student laptop: it is extremely portable, it has long battery life, it is small and lightweight and its touch-screen color display makes reading books, textbook and magazines a virtual pleasure. Plus, browsing the web, answering emails, watching videos and even playing a few games on this device makes it more of a “slate computer” than an ordinary e-reader like the Amazon Kindle. While the negatives: no flash, no multi-tasking, no camera, no USB, no full GPS and limited storage of only 16, 32 or 64GB, which will leave some buyers cold. Even so, the iPad will have many more takers, especially in the student laptop market.

The author is a former teacher who now runs numerous websites, including several on laptop computers. If you’re looking for a student laptop click here: Laptops for Student . For more information on Buying Notebooks and Laptops at Bargain Prices Click Here: Cheap Laptops Titus Hoskins. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

iPad – Apple |NEW 2010|

New Apple’s gadget, iPad

iPad Release Day, Palo Alto, California

Countdown to opening of the University Ave Apple Store in Palo Alto. The people first in the store at 9 AM camped out starting at 5:30 PM the previous evening. Everyone who waited in line was able to buy an iPad (tho’ they did run out of the 16GB version quite quickly).

The long awaited Apple iPad has recently launched and the enthusiasm is contagious. People are scrambling to get their hands on one. However, did you know you could get your iPad completely free just for testing it for Apple and sharing your opinions?

You don’t have to dig deep to want an Apple iPad! You can be one of the lucky people that get to test the product for Apple and then are rewarded by being able to keep the iPad you test! This is called consumer testing and major companies do it all the time for newly launched products.

These major companies need average consumers to use the product, give their opinions, test out all the features and share that information with them. This is how they make improvements and confirm that they are meeting consumer expectation. Apple is one of many major corporations that use this method, and you can be involved!

Beware of sites that say they are offering iPads for testing and require you to pay money up front. These are scams and unfortunately they are everywhere! Legitimate companies will not charge you to test their products.

The opportunity to get a free iPad and become a consumer tester is limited. These types of offers usually only occur during the initial launch of the new product. You will need to act quickly if you want to share your opinions and receive a free iPad. Don’t hesitate, the legitimate consumer testing for the Apple iPad is ending soon.


I have done a bit of research for you. I found this new iPad offer. Test the iPad before anybody else does.

Click here to get a free iPad before they run out.

An avid Apple fan. I love Apple products especially the new ipad. I like to find freebies for my subscribers.

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