Having reliable sources Tablet PC Apple 10-point detail. To sources, Apple will use the iPhone Tablet PC (Mobile Internet) of OS. 1. Apple has developed for at least 3 different prototypes of the Tablet PC, Apple Tablet PC may be called the IPAD. 2. Apple Tablet PC edition 7-inch screen, but was considered too small. The latest version with 10. 7-inch screen. 3. The use of the iPhone OS operating system. 4. It is reported that Apple Tablet PC is like the iPhone, this fundamental right. This product looks like the iPhone 3G, with the curved back. 5. Depending on whether to support the 3G network to distinguish between, Apple Tablet PC can be divided into two kinds, one to support 3G networks, the other not. That is, the 3G version of Apple Tablet PC is a great iPhone screen 3GS, rather than the 3G version is a larger-screen iPod Touch. 6. Resolution of the Apple Tablet PC is much higher than the iPhone and iPod Touch 480×320, so users can more easily read the pages in size from books and magazines, as well as cutting through a newspaper page. Apple Tablet PC is the screen resolution of the iPhone 5 to 6 times (maybe to 720p), while regions are touching up 7 times. 7. Apple Tablet PC is designed to extend iPhone and iPod Touch in the media the idea that to replace the flat screen equipment, books and magazines, while maintaining the original iPhone and iPod Touch Media , games, applications and network functions. 8. Apple is not a Tablet PC and the Internet for competitive products. There is use of iPhone OS media players, and a slight communication equipment. 9. Apple plans to January 19, 2010 previously announced this product, and marketing iPhone in a similar way, a promotional period, to promote the product. Apple will peak in May or June of next year for sales of Tablet PC. 10. Apple tablet PC is yet to Apple CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) approval, are currently approved by the possibility of a maximum of 80%.

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