The waiting is over the Apple tablet has finally been revealed.
Now with the details and information out there it’s time to take a look at the iPad and its potential.

First of all the design is fantastic. The front as an amzingly large 9. 7″ LCD Led lit display that without a doubt will look great. Just below the screen you get the iPhone home button that allows you to go back to the beginning at all times. One less pretty feature for me are the black borders around the screen. They are a bit too wide for my taste, it would’ve been better if Apple was able to stretch the display a little and remove the borders. On the top you get the sleep button that will deactivate the display. On the right side you get the volume buttons and the silence switch, interesting is that the buttons have been moved from left (iPhone) to the right. On the back you get the large black Apple logo in the middle of a big gray (aluminum?) mass. It also says iPad on the back, the number of GBs and a few FCC things that are required to be there I think. It’s not impossible to assume that the new iPhone will feature a similar back. The tablet is really thin, in fact it’s just 0. 5 inch thick, that’s as thick as an iPhone. Height and width measures come in at: 9. 6 inches and 7. 47 inch.

Now lets talk about the software of the iPad. It works very similar to an iPhone. Slide to unlock and you’re in the main screen with the typical iPhone icons. You get: YouTube, mail, Safari, contacts, iPod, iTunes, app store, video, settings, maps (by Google!), calendar, photos and last but not least notes.

The apps have been modified a bit for the new capabilities though. For example photos are now arranged by event blocks. Tapping on a block of photos will show you a preview of the photos in that event (or map for windows users). However you can also view your most treasured memories by list, location, faces or date. We can imagine that it will look really fantastic to manipulate the photographs on a huge touchscreen and to show it to your friends.

John Guigle – http://bit. ly/aLnmA0

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