iPad birth PC industry in Taiwan’s electronics industry vibration mode of public companies profit up remodeling products

On this day, Apple’s iPad officially started selling in the United States. News spread to Taiwan, and the iPad OEM detached almost all the technology stocks that Acer Aspire 1410 Battery appeared in rose, but how others are not happy.

“A few months after Apple iPad time, almost all of Taiwan-known name on the PC manufacturers have launched their own tablet PC products. ” April 8, Taiwan, Mitac’s product manager told reporters. In fact, including Mitac, including several Taiwanese manufacturers of flat-panel computer products, available as early as iPad before, we had put all kinds of exhibition booth, powerful and cheap. But today, consumers are still difficult to buy these products.

“From the present situation, Apple flat ahead of this one has too many other competitors. ” IDC senior Taiwanese PC industry analyst Jiang Fang Yun analysis, and other PC hardware vendors can easily catch up with even more than Apple, but the service in the background , content, software, Apple has significantly ahead of other competitors.

In Taiwan, iPad to the entire PC industry, the concept of tremendous impact, reflect an upsurge of the entire PC industry is being launched.

So, what is binding the PC manufacturers innovative step, so that they can not Apple-style revolutionary innovation? The face of the raging iPad, other PC makers the opportunity to where?

“Do not call iPad Tablet PC”

iPad is a Tablet PC?

IPad’s consumers have got that, iPad fact, the computer simply will not meet the qualifications – can not run multiple programs simultaneously, even the flash do not support such a feature far less than we normally are used to computers.

Such a product, a powerful platform than the Department of tablet PCs, it is as trivial. Prior to this, companies such as Acer and Microsoft have launched a long with a handwriting feature, you can rotate the tablet PC screen.

“We should not iPad positioned as tablet PCs, it is a new Dell Latitude D610 Battery. ” IDC senior analyst at the Taiwan PC industry, said Jiang Yun Fang, iPad is mainly used for entertainment, communication and Internet access, positioning and function of the Tablet PC market are essentially different.

iPad between market orientation between mobile phones and notebook computers, iPad give up a number of Apple users do not need that function, while the main function to achieve the ultimate – enough to light 12 hours of standby capacity, access to the Internet can see the electronic books, movies, pictures, music is not wrong.

In addition, Apple’s leading multi-touch feature for those accustomed to the iPhone (Mobile Internet) users put it down. Procedures being added to iPad application developers than many other cool Tablet PC, which brings the past, Tablet PC, and a completely different user experience.

“For example, a simulation software APP piano, with fingers on the iPhone and iPad fingers on the piano, is a Windows system can not do this out of feeling. ” IPad, a fan told reporters.

Although the iPhone, many manufacturers have launched their own multi-touch technology, but in the consumers view, use the multi-touch technology and fluency to use the situation is entirely different.

In mobile phones, Google’s NEXUS ONE touch screen in almost total defeat on the iPhone, which once again reminded people that have entered the multi-touch technology for years of Apple, the technology is still far ahead.

iPad processor is Apple using self-developed A4 processor. Industry analysts, this processor running at 1GHz is actually a ARMCPU + GPU combination.

But compared to using Intel processors, running Windows Tablet PC is, iPad with low price and long battery life advantage — This is the system architecture decisions, X86 architecture enables full PC functionality but the price is high.

Those ill-timed failure

“I expect in five years, tablet PCs would be the best-selling PC products. ” November 11, 2001, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates vowed @ predicted that with touch screen, handwriting input, no keyboard easy to carry laptop computers to replace the traditional position.

That’s Silicon Valley, Google does not often been mentioned, Apple has once Wall Street investors as a company about to decline, yet laptops appear extremely cumbersome, many people do not know why the mobile internet thing . . . . . .

But 10 years later, Microsoft’s Windows Tablet PC is still only in hospitals, education, government and other industries limited can see Microsoft’s PC partners have complained to Gates, the so-called revolutionary products of this fundamental are no longer marketable. The original partners of a Tablet PC a go, only Acer still the bullet.

At the technical level, at the time chip technology is still relatively backward background, tablet PCs are designed to be very difficult to light.

In the software, although Microsoft has been dedicated in developing Tablet PC operating system, but the major breakthrough or input, and not in the market to HP pavilion ZV6000 Battery a fully functional touch screen touch. Therefore, the operation of tablet PCs in the past still keyboard, mouse main difference with the traditional products of a small notebook.

When Microsoft launched the Tablet PC, mobile Internet is still far from mature as it is today. Microsoft Tablet PC launch untimely age, in large part led to the ultimate tragic fate.

Why did they refuse to change?

“From years of PC makers to actively promote the Internet of this, smart book also tablet look of these new varieties, in fact, very much like to do some PC makers revolutionary innovation, but the problem is that they caught in the WINTEL architecture, it is difficult to make a truly revolutionary product. “Jiang Fang Yun in their analysis.

Enter the Tablet PC market in the beginning, PC makers have been faced with two options: one is the existing laptop with a keyboard with touch screen function, the other is the same as the iPad, simply touch the screen to only one .

But PC makers soon discovered that the same as the iPad completely redefine a PC, it is too difficult for them.

“Tablet PC screen only need to do is thin, which involved heat dissipation, all cables should be re-designed so that large increases in the cost. ” Jiang Fang Yun analysis. This is to some extent, the tablet PC makers introduced high prices, which greatly hindered its vision of rapid access to ordinary consumers.

So to design to design, or Microsoft’s operating system with Intel’s chip line of least resistance – though meager profits, but the returns are very stable, which let PC makers would rather harm than do not want to bold innovation.

“In the WINTEL architecture, the most important technology is not mastered in the hands of PC manufacturers, the operating system provided by Microsoft, chip designed by Intel. PC makers any innovation will greatly constrained by such a structure. ” Jiang Fang Yun noted, PC makers Any revolutionary innovation, requires the application of existing models completely subversive.

The direct consequence is that almost all PC makers in recent years in notebook computers to upgrade the physical performance – faster chips, bigger hard drives, more memory, although this innovation has promoted the development of the industry once , but its shortcomings have continued to this day.

For example, WINTEL the X86 framework, the notebook computer battery life, long-term in a very low level, until today still can not go beyond the standard 35 hours – this has greatly impeded some of the revolutionary era of mobile Internet applications for promotion.

PC industry model rebuild profit

Under the impact of the iPad, Taiwan PC makers have begun to reflect on their own profit model.

iPad sell before the official opening, Asus and Acer, and Quanta, Compal and Wistron Dengjun quietly into Tablet PC development. Industry sources, Acer and Asustek products being tested.

“The new all Tablet PC, are beginning more and more like the Sony VGP-BPS5 battery. ” Jiang Fang Yun observed. For the majority of PC makers, Apple seems to go beyond the hardware easily. “In the hardware, as long as 3 months time we can make a flat product. ” MiTAC’s product manager told reporters.

This company appears in the Mitac, no matter how good the content should have good hardware support, current hardware there is still much room for improvement. “Our easy to use interface is not enough? Let the consumers do not read instructions will use a computer? Consumers to use more simple equipment, we design, the more difficult. ” Mio’s product manager, said.

This is equivalent to greatly enhance the Tablet PC of the entry threshold. “We want to design a hardware and related software, is the perfect product, at least one year’s time. ” MiTAC’s product manager told reporters.

“PC vendors to start thinking about how the Apple APP store and also the content and resources cooperation, while Apple is a closed system, but I believe we can always find room for cooperation. ” MiTAC’s product manager told reporters.

Acer chairman JT Wang has also expressed the same view, others put iPad is not a hardware issue, but behind the content, software, services and so on. Acer is thinking about a complete business model.

But the problem is that Acer still much room for their play? A real problem is in the background and the software, content matching, Apple has been ahead of other competitors too.

“From the iPod to the iPhone, and then to iPad, Apple APP store and other back office has become a very complete system, the transmission is the same strain. ” Jiang Fang Yun pointed out that while Apple has always been self-contained, and also may not care Other PC makers have too much co-operation in this one.

That is to say, HP, Dell, Acer PC makers such has hardly glancing at the plate this piece of Apple’s entry back.

A very likely situation is that, PC makers are still not on the iPad tablet products pose much threat, but if put into mass production after the price drop led to such products can be squeezed flat is still in the early stages of development MINI notebook share.

The most optimistic estimate is that tablet PCs will become a new consumer electronics category, this does not undermine the market share of firm PC – Moreover, there are still many defects iPad, which allow PC manufacturers to design the more powerful products. Mitac product manager pointed out that today’s market environment has been a few years ago have been major changes, such as the maturity of mobile Internet applications, so in the past unsuccessful Tablet PC, Tablet PC does not mean no chance.

“IPad come in, will cause a large number of software developers to enter, let’s share of the market’s overall bigger. ” Returned from the Silicon Valley technology entrepreneurs, founder of Silicon Ding Hai-Lei Chen said his team has been flat in the design and Intel cooperation computer.

The development of e-book or tablet PC platform, the most important elements, Acer’s JT Wang also said on April 8, Acer will join the camp open platform content, IBM ThinkPad X40 Battery as Google’s Android.

Wang said the future content platform can be divided into two major barriers to Apple and open camp, which will be the big apple camp several times, but the initial opening camp takes time to integrate, thread, momentum may be behind Apple, but in the long term open camp will be far beyond the apple market.

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