Is an iPad right for you? 4 factors to consider before buying

With the recent announcement of the iPad, Apple’s new tablet device, many have begun to wonder if it is something they should consider purchasing. In this article we will look at 4 things you can do to determine whether you should follow through with the purchase of an iPad.

1)      Consider its limitations – Prospective buyers must consider the fact that the iPad does not offer all the functionality of a mobile computer. In fact, it has much more in common with the iPod Touch than a tablet PC. Much like the iPod Touch and iPhone, regular Mac programs are not available on the iPad. Users must choose from the rapidly growing library of applications available at the iTunes app store. Both video and still image capturing is unavailable in this first generation of the iPad. It also lacks an external keyboard, making it less than ideal for typing intensive operations.

2)      Consider its flexibility – The iPad does, on the surface, seem like a blown up iPhone without the telephony ability, but upon closer inspection it reveals itself to be a more capable device. It offers vastly improved CPU power, screen resolution and battery life over the iPhone and its much larger screen provides for experiences that the smaller Apple devices simply cannot match. Reading e-books, watching films, viewing pictures, playing games and engaging in an assortment of other multimedia experiences promises to be a richer experience on the iPad.

3)      Evaluate what it can replace for you – In today’s digital world, many people find they need multiple devices to satisfy their mobile entertainment and productivity needs. It’s not unusual for one individual to have a mobile gaming device, mp3 player, laptop and e-book reader on them at any given time. With the iPad’s ability to fulfill many of these needs, whether or not it can reduce your load and replace some other devices should be among your pre-purchase considerations.

4)      Look to the future – There are both positive and negative aspects in purchasing the first wave of iPads. On the positive side it is always exciting to embrace new technology and be among the early adopter crowd. Beyond mere status, the iPad offers very legitimate and unique solutions to many people’s needs. Exploring the ways in which the iPad can address your mobile – and stationary – needs will be very rewarding for many, and that experience can often outweigh some inherent negatives. Those negatives reveal themselves through trends Apple has set with their previous products. We can be almost assured that there will be a better and faster iPad available before the end of the year. As with iPhone and the iPod before it, many users are left feeling a bit empty when a superior version of their product is released at a similar or lower price point. However, the satisfaction of early adoption is almost always tempered with the sting of an updated product, so this may not be a serious issue for some.

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