The new iPad once again hit the market by storm. Like the earlier counterparts, the iPad is now quite popular among techy individuals. This March 2010, the Wi-Fi version is going to be released in the market followed by the 3G version. Getting an iPad is very easy, especially if you prefer to make online purchases.

If you are interested to buy the iPad, you will need to contact the manufacturer – Apple. Go to the website of Apple so that make a reservation once the Wi Fi and the 3G versions are released. You will also benefit from regular contact with AT&T.

AT&T usually knows when the release dates will be as well as the delivery dates. Knowing when the product is going to be available in the market can help you in making a purchase at the right time. Try to call the office frequently.

Once you’ve determined the release date of the iPad, you may need to go to the store at an earlier hour and fall in line. If you’re lucky, you can be the first one to arrive in the store to get the iPad! Apple usually sends out the info to their mailing list, and if you’re not included, you might miss the opportunity but since you contacted AT&T, you still have a chance.

Are you familiar with eBay? Well, this is also a great place where you can find an iPad. Some press people might have already received their iPads and now they are auctioning their gadget on eBay. It would be best to contact eBay and set up an alert using the iPad as the keyword.

Another option would be to become a tester. Product testers are quite popular these days. These people are responsible for testing out certain gadgets including the iPad! If you become a tester, you can get an iPad for free once you’ve completed the job.

Getting an iPad is not that hard. If you are looking forward to getting the Wi-Fi and 3G version, make sure that you follow the steps mentioned earlier. The iPad is a great investment, especially if you love listening to music, watching videos, saving photos, or surfing the web.


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