As rumors of a touch-screen Apple tablet continue to capture the industry’s speculative imaginations, Apple has sneakily begun setting the stage for a new iPod Touch 3g.

The third-generation iPod Touch, complete with a camera, is expected to launch in September, the same time Apple is supposedly going to drop its “iPad” tablet bomb on unsuspecting Mac-heads.

But Apple still hasn’t confirmed when exactly their annual iPod event will be held, but despite this, AppleInsiderhas gone on the record confirming that it will all go down on Sept 9. They also believe that Apple will finally debut the camera toting 3G iPod Touch in this event and a new iTunes with “social networking” features will also be unveiled. Sadly, though, for those of you expecting an Apple tablet to be announced, they feel that it won’t happen next month.

Anyway, before we get ahead ourselves, you should remember that all of these have yet to be confirmed, and at the end, this is still just a rumor for now. On a good note, however, September 9 isn’t that far away and this does give us something to get excited about for next month.

Finally, show you guys some images of the alleged ipod touch 3g prototype.

The cynic in me still thinks this may be a second-generation Touch that’s had its backing drilled and modified with a convincing camera. It seems odd that beyond the addition of camera, Apple would have left the design of the iPod Touch unchanged.

What do you guys think: real or fake?

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